Vacation Ideas for Couples in A Day Trip from Florence Part 2

Before you exit the train station at Pisa look for the sign in the front lobby that says Tobacchi. I would assume that this is just a tobacco shop, not so, they sell bus tickets here too. The ticket when I was there was 1€. Look to your right and across the street as you exit the station. Look for the building NH Cavalieri. This is the bus stop. The bus will have an electronic sigh that says Lam Rossa. The bus is yellow and has a red strip on the front bumper. Check with the driver before boarding and as for the Torre stop. You will see the Field of Miracles piazza and the Leaning Tower of Pisa through an arch just across from where the bus stops.

Get off the bus and go through the gates. It will open to the piazza where the Cathedral, Baptistery, and Leaning Tower of Pisa are..

The Baptistery is the first building. It is a cylinder shaped building almost as tall the Leaning Tower with a large dome topping it. The cathedral is the square looking building next to the Baptistery and then you can’t miss the Leaning tower of Pisa. The Memorial Cemetery is a short walk to the side of the Cathedral and along the main walkway are two museums and tourist souvenir shops lining the sidewalk. It is a busy place so don’t get separated. The funniest site is everyone trying to outdo  the other in a pose with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. There are several standard poses one pose is to look as if they were holding up the tower, another one is to bend over so it appeared the tower is leaning on their back, and of course there is the one holding it up with one finger or pretending to try to push it back straight.

We first went to the museum bought our tickets. It is located straight ahead of where you entered and on your right. It is where there are many of the original drawing for the frescps that are famous. They are light drawing and were the pattern for the paintings. Visiting this museum before going to the other buildings was a good education and made the many paintings and frescos much more interesting.

In the Baptistery the Font is beautiful with a statue of St. John the Baptist rising above the font. They did a sound demonstration that reminded me of monks humming. The guide stood at the  side of the font and sang long tones. Each tone rung out and echoed out from under the dome and about the font.

If you can time it so that you are there for a sound demonstration it will be very memorable. I can still hear it quite impressive.


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