TMI – Too Much Information

There are two parts of this I would like to talk about:

1- Sharing personal things on the internet.
• Don’t ever share (There are things that should stay in your household)
• Don’t tell health problems (can be seen by future employers – Medical record)
• Don’t tell problems with raising children (can be interpreted wrong and get you in trouble)
• Tell things about other people (even if they told you it isn’t your place to share their life on the internet)

2- Sharing travel plans
• Don’t tell people you are away from home (sets you up for burglary)
• Secure your electronics with passwords

Author: Debbie Gerber
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  • January 4, 2013 at 2:06 am |

    What you have posted is definitely true. At this age of computers and technology, we tend to ‘over say’ everything that sometimes even personal matters are not kept from the public. and these things as you pointed out may haunt us in the future like when we’re applying for a new employer.

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