Escorted Tour? Live Travel Agent?

I am currently working on a package tour for me and Gaylan and several other couples. I thought I would share the process with you. This process will work for planning a group trip or when traveling as a couple.

Part of enjoying a trip when you travel is to have everything you can pre-planned. This particular trip I want a vacation that is all taken care of. Booking an all-inclusive vacation or package escorted tour are a couple of the ways that end some of the problems that arise and ruin a couple vacation.

Once the vacation is booked I don’t want to have to think about it or have discussions and arguments over where to eat, when to stop, how long to stay at any one place or another.

What problems does booking an escorted tour solve?

1-     Activities are scheduled

2-     Where and when to eat are decided for you

3-     The total amount that the vacation will cost is known

4-     When to get up and leave each day is scheduled

5-     No arguing over whether to stop and ask directions

6-     All the details are planned for you

7-     You have someone to rely on

8-     You learn more about the places you visit from a tour director

9-     Make new friends

10-  Hotels and Restaurants have been reviewed and used before.

If you want to travel around a country and have everything taken care of for you an escorted tour is a great option. Generally escorted tours are a group tour on a bus although sometimes they are in smaller vans.  It can be booked for only 2 people but the cost would be much higher. Part of the reason to join a group tour is the discounted amount you pay over what you would pay if you did the same itinerary on your own.

Booking an escorted tour / vacation in a foreign country helps you feel safe. They know what restaurants are safe to eat at and have the best food. Because the tours have a set schedule you can see more and get into places that otherwise wouldn’t be open to the independent traveler.

When I travel whether I plan my own trip or find one that is already put together I like to have a live travel agent to talk to. I always have a lot of questions and usually specific requests that need to be met.  If you can call a live travel agent they can take your list of requests and match your vacation desires to your trip. Picking a travel agent can be tricky. You need someone you can trust. Someone that is available when you need them not just 9-5 Monday through Friday. Find a travel agent that cares about what you want as well as your pocket book. They should search for the trip you want and see if they can get it within your budget not just give you the one that their office is promoting.

My travel agent does this for me. If you fall into this category and are looking for a live travel agent I will share my agent with you. She books package deals; that is booking the hotel, car, air, or tour as a combination not just air by itself. Please tell her you were referred by Debbie Gerber at Boomer & Senior Travel TV.

Here is an introduction that she sent me to share with you:

My name is Pam Richards and I would love to help you get the most out of your trip for the best possible price.  I started my travel agency because I have had the great opportunity to travel a lot and people were always asking for recommendations.  I so enjoyed helping them put together their trip that I decided to make a living at it.  So many people have gone online to book their travel without the personal connection that you can’t get from an online travel agency.  The benefit of using a travel agent is they will be able to get the same great deals that you can get online but they can also give you the added bonus of a contact person if you are needing assistance while on your trip, especially handy when your are out of the country.  Phone calls to an online agency that puts you on hold for 20 mins can get pretty expensive.  At U.N.I.  I specialize in All-inclusive Travel, Destination Weddings and Group Tours.  I named my company U.N.I. Travel because every time I book a trip I think about U.N.I. traveling together!  I know when I travel I want the very best trip for the best possible cost, I hope you agree!   I try and make myself available to you all day and all night, so please give me a call when you’re ready to book that next trip!”

U.N.I. Travel
2241 E. Kodiak Ct
Draper UT  84020

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