Do Boomers Still Go Camping

Camping really??? My idea of camping is staying in a cabin at the very least. I love roasting hot dogs and marshmallows then heading indoors about the time the mosquitoes start biting.

We went camping when we were first married. It was all really fun until it got dark and we got in the tent. Then I just knew there were things moving around in the dark outside and I didn’t trust the tent material to protect us. I felt like bait. I jumped and said “what was that” every couple minutes. I was terrified. About 2 o’clock in the morning my husband gave up, packed up and we went home. I think we only went camping in a tent a couple of times after that.

afraid of camping in a tent

We did have a camp trailer for a while too. Because let’s face it was the cheapest way to take a family vacation with kids. It was better in a camp trailer but still I didn’t sleep much. I can’t believe the things I did for my kids to have great experiences.

I also have to agree with my husband that being out in the beauty of nature it is really soul filling. The funny thing my kids like to go camping. But for me I can’t do the tent camping.

What funny experiences have you had?


Fun Things for Couples to Do – Foot Spa in Spain

Recently I was asked this question and thought I’d share it with my readers here on the blog..

What are some of your personal favourite and memorable travel experiences from around the globe?

One of my favorite and memorable travel experiences was going to a foot spa in Spain. The name of the spa was “The Foot Doctor” I walked by, saw the name and the fish tanks and thought that they were healing fish. I was curious so I walked in. The spa owner asked me if I wanted to do “it.” I asked, “do what?” I still didn’t get it. She said have the dry skin removed by the fish. I had heard of this but never seen it. I love new experiences when I travel so I talked my traveling gals into doing it too and we had a blast. It tickled! We giggled! There were 75 fish in the tank. They cleaned and sanitized our feet and checked for any cuts or sores. (if you have any they don’t allow you to do it) It tickled when they sucked on a new spot. After the treatment my feet tingled. I was so surprised that it really did work. My husband felt my feet and said they were really soft. I would do it again and again but we don’t have them here.


Couples Vacation – Ten Worst Things

Comedian Jordan Cooper taught our class at Blog World on humor. The class helped me compose the following list for Scatter Travel just for you.

Top ten worst things to happen on couples vacations:

  1. The guy forgets his Viagra
  2. The girls period starts
  3. An ex is vacationing there too
  4. Only one of them is upgraded to first class
  5. They are seated next to an annoying couple
  6. The boss keeps calling
  7. Fight or break up after the 1st day
  8. One of them gets the flu
  9. They miss their flight
  10. Oh no, a week long headache is coming on