Fun Things for Couples to Do – Foot Spa in Spain

Recently I was asked this question and thought I’d share it with my readers here on the blog..

What are some of your personal favourite and memorable travel experiences from around the globe?

One of my favorite and memorable travel experiences was going to a foot spa in Spain. The name of the spa was “The Foot Doctor” I walked by, saw the name and the fish tanks and thought that they were healing fish. I was curious so I walked in. The spa owner asked me if I wanted to do “it.” I asked, “do what?” I still didn’t get it. She said have the dry skin removed by the fish. I had heard of this but never seen it. I love new experiences when I travel so I talked my traveling gals into doing it too and we had a blast. It tickled! We giggled! There were 75 fish in the tank. They cleaned and sanitized our feet and checked for any cuts or sores. (if you have any they don’t allow you to do it) It tickled when they sucked on a new spot. After the treatment my feet tingled. I was so surprised that it really did work. My husband felt my feet and said they were really soft. I would do it again and again but we don’t have them here.

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