List of 12 More All-Inclusive Resort Vacation Travel Tips

Knowing ahead of time what to expect at an all inclusive resort will make your stay more fun and you will be able to do more. There is so much to do that going prepared is essential especially if it is your first vacation of this sort. This is the third in a series of all-inclusive resort vacation travel tips articles.

  1. If you are irritated by loud noise, music, or snoring bring a pair of ear plugs. Some of the shows, the disco and even noises from outside your room may be a little loud.
  2. Most resorts are quick to solve a problem if you inform the front desk or if they don’t contact your booking company representative and they will aid you in getting help.
  3. Bring a duffel bag or beach bag to carry your towel, books, suntan lotion, etc to the beach.
  4. Bargain with the vendors and store personnel when shopping for souvenirs if it is the custom for the country that you travel to and if you don’t bargain you will over pay. Even companies selling tours will make a deal.
  5. When you land you may be greeted by timeshare people offering you all kinds of incentives especially in Cancun. Unless you really want to attend a 3 hour (they say 90 min.) presentation and give up part of your vacation and get caught up in the sales pitch walk right past them.
  6. Your information should tell you where to meet your transfer representative. If not they will either be where you come out of immigration/customs, in the luggage area or just outside the doors by ground transportation.
  7. Bring some dollar bills or small bill denominations in the currency of that country if they don’t take dollars for tipping tour guides and buying small items. No tipping at the all inclusive resort.
  8. At many of the locations that have all inclusive resorts they also have topless sunbathing. Don’t be shocked if there are topless women on the beach or around the pool. If you are offended by this or don’t want your children encountering it book into a resort that doesn’t allow it or has specific areas so that you can avoid it.
  9. Large spread out resorts will usually have some sort of transportation to shuttle you around the resort.
  10. If the resort is part of a chain of resorts and they have several hotels in the area check and see if you are allowed to use the amenities at the other sister resort hotels as well as you own. They may even have a shuttle.
  11. Most resorts have an area that has computers that are connected to the internet but most charge a separate fee for using the internet. Some of the resorts will have wireless internet.
  12. Join the contests and competitions; they usually give prizes or points toward prizes. If you win one see if they have a time before, during or after the evening entertainment where they present them to you.

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