Academy of Web Television Awards 2013


We were invited to attend the International Academy of Web Television Awards. This was the second year for the awards ceremony. It was a swanky affair. It even had the red carpet, red carpet interviews and all.


We met the team from the digits. I wish that they had been teaching me math when I was young. It is a great Web TV Series teaching math concepts. http://watchthedigits.com They were nominated for The Best Educational Web Series. They were one of two shows that came in costume. I thought that alone should have given them the award.


We even walked the red carpet… well when it was over. Maybe someday if my show gets enough subscribers we will get to walk the red carpet because we were nominated. Help us reach this goal by subscribing at:  https://itunes.apple.com/podcast/boomer-senior-travel-tv-experience/id487657995?mt=2

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