Media kit for Scatter Travel

Boomer & Senior Travel TV

Boomer & Senior Travel TV is a popular video travel show series that helps you find and experience the fun, the unique and the weird in travel. The viewers enjoy money saving travel tips, travel advice, previewing travel destinations, and increasing confidence through organized journey planning. This video podcast is also for those who cannot travel but love to travel virtually through our show.

This sensational show airs twice a week on iTunes, Roku, Boxee, Buzzbooster Channel, Youtube, Facebook, Boomer & Senior Travel TV website, Twitter, Samsung and is available for apple and mobile devices.

Debbie and her husband Gaylan are travel junkies. Each week Debbie Gerber brings to you from their 30+ years of travel experience the tools, tips, information, and insights that you need to plan, book and enjoy your vacation to its fullest.

They love to share their experience, travel reviews, cooking demonstrations and travel video shows to assist other travelers to see more, have more fun, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Debbie is the author of:

  • “Is Your Relationship Under Siege; 31 Building Block to a Happy Ending”
  • “Attaining Happiness in Marriage in 7 Easy Steps”
  • “Scatter Travel Journey Planner”
  • “Couple Vacation Packing E-book and Printable Packing Checklist”
  • ” Author and host of the travel show, website and blog “Boomer & Senior Travel TV”
  • “Two Texts a Day for a Year for Couples”
  • “The Travel Preparation Guide”

Show Details:

Show Name: Boomer & Senior Travel TV
Host: Debbie Gerber
Episodes: 75+ shows released
Length: One 13-15 min. show focusing on one travel destination or subject
One 2-10 min. show focusing on a quick travel tip or tips
Delivery: Twice a week
Audience: 73.5% Female ages: 45-54
26.5% Males ages: 45-54
Target Markets: United States, Netherlands, Canadian and European couples both first time and seasoned travelers
Viewership: 19,094
Distribution: iTunes Video Podcast, Roku, Buzzbooster Channel,Blubrry, Vimeo, Samsung, Boxee, Youtube, Boomer & Senior Travel TV website, Blog, Facebook, and Twitter
Audience Types: Online – Blog, Video, Social Media
Podcast (People college educated making  over 6 figures)
TV Viewer (Same people that buy from infomercials)

Show Bookend:

Weekly Shows cover:

  • Couple travel
  • Destination previews and reviews
  • Travel advice and information
  • Travel product reviews
  • Travel tips
  • Travel videos, pictures and personal experience
  • Watch Boomer & Senior Travel TV for a virtual vacation
  • Resort, hotel, restaurant and tour company reviews
  • Couple relationship tips
  • Money and time saving tips to encourage travel
  • Cooking shows with foods from travel destinations
  • Bringing you the fun, the unique and the weird that can be seen as you travel to these destinations
South Africa Turkey
Baltic Seas Mexican Riviera
Florence, Italy Rome, Italy
Pompeii, Italy Dominican Republic
Beijing, China Bahamas
Costa Rica Atlanta, GA
Los Angeles, CA Wendover NV
Las Vegas, NV Holland, Netherlands
Denver, CO Tangiers, Morocco
Spain Manhattan, New York
Copenhagen, Denmark Cruises
Alaska, AK Gibraltar
Klamath Falls, OR Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Debbie Gerber – 435-512-3216