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Disagreement over Body Scanners

Disagreement over Body Scanners

According to the graphic I found most people don’t want to use the body scanner at the airport. I personally disagree.  If you remove all your metal most people get through in quick order. The people checking the x-ray are there for a job. They see so many scans and very quickly that I don’t think they are there for the view. I am sorry that we have people that make it necessary to have security measures but there are.

 I just wish that while they were body scanning they could see even more and send it to my doctor so that I wouldn’t have to pay for a mammogram, ultra sound or dental x-rays. Just do it all in one. What are your thoughts?


Misery or Luxury in Today’s Airplane?

Airlines take miserable over luxury for $$$ unless you have the $$$. Over the years there have been many changes in the amenities and comfort provided by the airlines to its customers. Leg space in the main cabin has decreased. One the last fight I took to Africa from the USA felt so tight my short legs were still crowded. I felt sorry for anyone with long legs.

First class was almost looking worth the increase in cost. The first class patrons were in seats that laid back with fluffy blankets where they were comfortable for the long flight. They had meals, pillows, and snacks. But I had to remember I had a choice.

In the past ten years airlines started charging for food, scrunching the seats, charging for blankets and pillows, and making you decided if you can wear the same set of clothing for several days to avoid the fee for checking a bag.