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TMI – Too Much Information

There are two parts of this I would like to talk about:

1- Sharing personal things on the internet.
• Don’t ever share (There are things that should stay in your household)
• Don’t tell health problems (can be seen by future employers – Medical record)
• Don’t tell problems with raising children (can be interpreted wrong and get you in trouble)
• Tell things about other people (even if they told you it isn’t your place to share their life on the internet)

2- Sharing travel plans
• Don’t tell people you are away from home (sets you up for burglary)
• Secure your electronics with passwords


Travel Information for Boomer and Senior Travel [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #48]

There are specific problems for boomer and senior travelers. This episode solves some of the most common problems boomers and seniors face. With these hints and tips those travel problems can be avoided. Debbie introduces you to a government travel website that is your golden ticket to current official travel information for the destinations and countries that you have on your bucket list . She also introduces the upcoming series of episodes on what you need to know before buying a second home or vacation home. Watch this video web TV series hosted by Debbie Gerber is the new popular travel show for the boomer travel and senior vacationing crowd.

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Destinations for Couples, New York City Broadway, Subways & Safety [Boomer & Senior Travel TV #39]

If you are traveling to New York City or Manhattan this is the show to watch. Find out how to ride on the subway. Be money smart and get discount tickets to Broadway plays and eat the food that New York City it famous for.

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Travel Checklist, Bathroom Toilet Travel Tips; Quick Travel Tip #34b by Debbie Gerber

Stay healthy with bathroom travel tips and toilet sanitation. Here is another top travel tip from Boomer & Senior Travel TV and Debbie Gerber. In this video TV show information on using sanitizer, carrying toilet paper, taking toilet seat covers with you, having travel tissues and giving bathroom attendant tips are all part of being prepared for a successful vacation.

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Why I do the Travel Show – Why I’m not on the Travel Channel

I get questions as to why I am not on the Travel Channel. The reason is I need more viewership to get that chance. I hope that one day they will see my show and ask me to join their group of shows. I want people to get a taste of the wonderful places there are in the world to enjoy so that they will go there and experience it for themselves. Plus people miss so many things because they don’t know they are there. So I hope I introduce fun things that they would otherwise miss. I try to include information that makes your travel easier, more comfortable and so you are prepared ahead of time. Please share my videos with anyone you know that would enjoy them. Thanks again!