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Airline and Hotel Extra Fees; Know or You Will Pay [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #62]

Are you aware of the new airlines fees and hotel extra charges. Be an informed traveler to avoid some or reduce the amount of extra fees you will pay when you travel. Watching Boomer and Senior travel TV video WebTV podcast helps travelers and tourists prevent panic and fear when flying or getting a bill laced with fees and charges. Don’t ignore this warning. I witnessed a senior couple checking into an airline only to find they didn’t know all the new rules. They paid $400 in extra fees. They were so distressed. I wished that they had been a subscriber to Boomer and Senior Travel TV.

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Boomer and Senior Travel South Africa Safari Lions and Rhinos Part #5 [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #55]

I met the lions and rhinos of South Africa. The lions I met up close and personal. We got to play with lion cubs. This video internet web tv show episode #55 is a focus on the lions and the rhinos. Debbie Gerber from Boomer and Senior Travel TV shares tips and video on traveling in South Africa. For those with South Africa, an Africa Safari, want to see rhinos or lions are on your bucket list this is the video series for you. Great informational video on South Africa for home schools as well.

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Weekend Getaways,Travel Weather Weather Flags [Quick Travel Tip #36b]

Heed the travel warning flags to avoid a disastrous vacation. Know what the flags mean. How does weather awareness affect your couple travel? This quick travel tips on weather will improve your chances to fully enjoy your beach vacation.

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