Don’t Let the Media Coverage of Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Sink Your Vacation Dreams

The Costa Concordia cruise ship sinking was a terrible tragedy for the passengers, cruise line and could be for you too. Don’t go running for the mountains because the ocean now feels unsafe. The statistics show that cruise ship travel is still one of the safest modes of vacationing.

If you allow the images and stories from the media to activate your fear and over ride your good sense then you will never travel. You won’t be able to watch movies, TV, the news or read a newspaper without coming unglued about all types of vacation disasters.

I just watched “When Vacations Attack” yesterday. It was showing a fishing charter in Alaska that had an explosion in the engine room and sank. The people survived but just barely. I am planning on going on that very fishing trip in Alaska this summer. Even though I am a seasoned traveler it still unnerved me.

You have to remember that you could die or get injured from a bizarre accident at home too. The most important thing is to be prepared ahead of time. Your best chance for survival in any accident or incident is to be prepared ahead of time.

Some of the things that you can do to be prepared are:

  • First and foremost stay calm. Use your intuition and common sense. Don’t panic. Calming think through your situation before acting.
  • Do a location survey of anyplace you are. Whether you are in a ship, plane, hotel room, theater or in a night club always know where the exits are. Find at least two exit routes.
  • Keep your documents in a Ziploc bag or water proof holder. You documents will stay dry if you are in situation where water is involved.
  • Keep identification on you at all times. Even when swimming.
  • Take a flashlight with you. In most disasters you need light to help you see how to get out or to signal for help.
  • Take a whistle with you. You can use a whistle to ward off muggers and to signal for help if you are trapped.
  • Duct tape can be useful for a number of things. It can be used for anything that would need to be secured including you.
  • Make a plan with your traveling partners so you will know where to meet should something happen. You and your traveling partners should know where you will be when you are apart so that people aren’t in danger because you can’t find each other.
  • Buy travel insurance. Travel insurance companies will help you when everyone else is in confusion. They can help you with money, getting your paper work restored, clothing and supplies, and help in booking your return home. You don’t want to lose all your vacation money plus have added expenses if there is an incident or delay in your travel.

I am still going to Alaska as well as a two week cruise crossing the ocean from Miami to Spain. I will enjoy it and not worry because I will be prepared and know that the statistics are on my side that everything will be great for the vacation. You have to live your life not cower in fear of something that has not happened to you yet and probably won’t. But if it does you will be able to not only get through it but help others who are not as prepared.


Author: Debbie Gerber
Posted in: Travel Health & Safety, Travel Tip

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  • Liz Lowe
    January 17, 2012 at 6:52 pm |

    Would never have gone on a cruise anyway, too many people in too close proximity (also children – yuk)for my liking. Also, not taking tourism to areas that need it, only the cruise companies pockets. However, never thought of adding mass panic to the equation, and unfortunately it has just reinforced my view of this type of holiday.

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