Save Time & Frustration: How to Book Your Hotel with Confidence

I had a friend stop over to visit and said that she had booked a trip to Italy. When they got there the hotels she stayed in were “scary terrible.”

She said that when they got there it didn’t have a restaurant nor were there any in the area. Not knowing the area they thought they would have to go hungry that night. Luckily there were place that delivered.

She asked me how I find a good hotel. Here are some tips I gave her on finding reviews and being informed before you book a hotel:

Check my website and travel videos to see if I have reviewed the area that you are traveling to. I always try to give reviews that are fair but accurate along with area information that will help you enjoy your vacation but if I haven’t reviewed the hotel then check:

One Travel:

One Travel is one of the most recognized travel booking sites on the internet. It features travel and hotel specials and deals.

It is an easy site to research and book you next trip. It has many search options. You can narrow your search by selecting the price range you want to pay, by the rating system, customer ratings, amenities you want, type of hotel, location, hotel brand name, and address.

Instead of having to look through hundreds of hotels you can narrow down you search and get a list of the hotels that will be best for you. This saves on time and frustration.

Find your hotel and see their specials and deals. Save $10 Instantly on Last Minute Airfares and get Additional $15 off using Coupon. Book Now!

Trip Advisor.com:

Tripadvisor is a travel review site with a rating system. You can specify in your search what you are looking for. You can search by price, property type, area of town, location from a map, hotel brand name and traveler rating.

Trip Advisor also lets anyone put their own review and comments on the site. This can be good and bad. The good is that you get to hear from real people what their experience and view points are. The bad is that competitors get on and give bad reviews and people that have a onetime bad experience give dynamically horrible reviews when it might not be that bad. Check several of the reviews to get a more accurate idea of what that hotel is like.

Someone who is used to a luxury hotels that books a standard hotel may think it is horrible where as someone who usually stays in a standard hotel may think it is marvelous. When I use this site for checking out a hotel or resort I read it carefully to see why the person had this reaction or opinion.

Don’t forget to leave your own reviews for people who are searching and may appreciate your opinion.


Youtube is a video sharing site. Anyone can put their video on Youtube and many like my show, “Couples Travel” will give travel related information including information and reviews on hotels. One good thing about Youtube is that you may get to see in movie style the hotel and make a judgment from that based on your own tastes and liking.


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