Guide to Helsinki Finland with Debbie Gerber Your Boomer Couple Vacations Expert; Boomer & Senior Travel TV#20

Show #20, Take a Guided tour to Helsinki Finland. Debbie takes you with her group of baby boomer companions on a hop on hop off bus tour of Helsinki Finland. Take a video tour of Helsinki’s Senate Square, Tuomiokirkko the Lutheran Cathedral, The Uspenski Cathedral the Orthodox Cathedral, Olympic Stadium, the Rock Church, Old Market Hall and Market Square along with other interesting and exciting places in Helsinki Finland without leaving your home. Use the information as a travel guide to preplan your next couple vacation. Learn what there is to see and do and how to take the hop on hop off buses. Join Debbie Gerber for a taste tour of unique foods to try in Helsinki. Try reindeer meat and fresh made to order crepes.

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Author: Debbie Gerber
Posted in: Boomer & Senior Travel TV

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  • Choi
    January 28, 2013 at 3:48 am |

    Dear Sir
    I am Mr.Choi(65years) in Seoul.Korea
    I wanted to book “Stadion Hostel” in Helsinki for travelling Helsinki Oct. last year. So I sent my credit details by e-mail to Stadion Hostel and I waited acceptance mail. But they sent me cancelled mail. After received the cancelled email, I sent request mail to book the hostel two times again. But they did’nt answer me. So I had to book another hotel in Helsinki. And then I enjoyed my journey in Helsinki from 1st Nov to 3rd Nov.
    At 4th Nov. they sent me mail to charge 50 Euro from Stadion Hostel suddenly as the reason of not to arrive in hostel at the day. They pulled out 50 euro form my bank account. as name og the charge(50 euro)
    Really I never received any kind of acceptance mail to book hostel from Stadion Hostel till before 31st Oct. last year.
    I wana receive my money(50 euro) back.
    I think the Stadion Hostel is really worst hotel over the world.
    I hope All the guest of the world do not book “Stadion Hostel. in Helsinki.
    You could be fairly taken in just like me. And be careful when you book the Stadion Hostel in Helsinki

    • January 28, 2013 at 11:41 am |

      I am so sorry to hear that you had this problem. I am not familiar with this hostel. I have had problems like this happen to me too. Sometimes in other countries the email is not so reliable. I had a group going with me to Spain and I booked a tour to Alhambra for 6 of us. I tried and tried to get a hold of them to see if it had gone through; to get a confirmation. I never could get an answer so I booked another tour. They charged me for 2 tickets on my credit card. Not only did I not get a confirmation back they didn’t even have the correct number of tickets. I talked with them and they had tried to email me. I believe that they did try but for some reason I didn’t get it. I was lucky though, I had charged it to a credit card not a debit card. With a credit card you can dispute the charge and most of the time get it reversed if you didn’t use the service or there are legitimate reasons for the charge being reversed. I tell people to never use a debit card when they travel for the following reasons: Once the money is taken out of your account it is gone-you can’t reverse it and theft from you account is easier. When trying to get the charge dropped by the company be sure to ask for the manager or owner of the establishment. They are more likely to want to keep their name good. Try all mediums they have email, call, write, and fax them. You may get results if you try from several mediums.

      That being said to help anyone else in the situation I would suggest the following:

      1- Review hotels, tours, etc. through http://www.tripadvisor.com and other review sites
      2- Know the cancellation policy
      3- If possible book through a booking site or travel agent
      4- Use a Credit Card not a Debit Card
      5- If you don’t get a confirmation by email call or fax them
      6- If you aren’t going to use the service cancel your reservation. Have proof
      7- Try to settle it with the company by email, fax, calling and writing
      8- Dispute through the credit card company
      9- Do it as soon as you see the charge

      I looked up user reviews on the Stadion Hostel in Helsinki. They seem to have an average user/guest ratings and reviews. You might want to contact them again and see if they won’t refund your money especially if you sent them emails before you left for Helsinki saying that you hadn’t gotten a confifmation for your reservation or if you sent them a cancellation request when you booked your other hotel. Send them copies of your emails as proof. Send them by several mediums; email, fax and direct mail. I hope you get this resolved. I was happy to hear that you enjoyed your trip even though you had this unfortunate experience.

      I would love to hear if anyone else can help with suggestions to this problem.

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