Going Green with My Snacks

When I am at home two of my favorite food snacks are green. This time of year I am thrilled because my favorite one is in season, asparagus fries. OK, basically asparagus fries are just asparagus that is steamed and then cooled and eaten like a fry. I make a dip with ranch dressing and just a hint of horseradish. Then there is my other green snack, edamame. I first had these at a sushi restaurant. Now I find I can buy them in the frozen food section. They come in microwavable steaming bags. Add a little salt and use your teeth to pop the soy bean out of the pod into your mouth. Don’t try eating the little hairy pods it is a yucky experience. I tried that once, only once. I may not be green in everything but going green for me includes my snacks.

Author: Debbie Gerber
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