Zaanse Schans A Little Of Everything Holland Netherlands

If you only take one day trip from Amsterdam make it Zaanse Schans. This small village is a sampling of all things Holland, Netherlands.

Most of the industrial windmills on the river Zaan are now gone. Six of the thirteen still there are in Zaanse Schans.  It is fun to go and see these working. There are 8 windmills in total here.

Do something unique and fun visit the working windmills:

“‘De Huisman'” (Mustard Mill)
“De Gekroonde Poelenburg'” (Sawmill)
“De Kat'” (Paint Mill)
“De Zoeker” (Oil Mill)
“De Bonte Hen” (Oil Mill)
“het Jonge Schaap'” (Saw Mill)
“De Windhond” (Sand Stone)
“De Hadel” (Pasture Water Moving Mill)

You can see the Paint Mill in the Scatter Travel Video “Couple Vacations; Zaanse Schans Holland, Netherlands; Boomer & Senior Travel TV #8; by Debbie Gerber” along with fun and unique things to see and do at Zaanse Schans.

The Paint Mill “De Kat” was the only windmill that we had time to go through. We didn’t get to Zaanse Schans until later in the day. Next time I will go visit some of the others. My favorite part on the windmills was to stand up on the upper deck and feel the power of the large paddles as they rotate around at a fast and furious pace.

On one end of Zaanse Schans by the parking is the windmill museum. There are bathrooms, a shop and a place to get a drink.

My favorite part on the windmills was to stand up on the upper deck and feel the power of the large paddles as they rotate around at a fast and furious pace.

Don’t miss the wooden shoe making demonstration and museum and buy a pair of wooden shoes or wooden shoe slippers. They have a large variety to choose from. If you go home without a pair you will want one and have to go back again to get them.

The other demonstration that is not to be missed is the cheese making. See how cheese is made and do some taste testing while you are there.

Wander down the canal dike and see the authentic green and black houses with their traditional lace curtains hanging in the windows. The little main street has a clock shop & museum, the Albert Heijn Grocery Museum & store, an antique shop as well as several other little theme shops.

Transportation around the Netherlands is plentiful and easy.  If you arrive by car there is a parking fee but there is plenty of parking close to the entrance of Zaanse Schans. Other transportation options are the Zaanhopper hop on hopoff ferry, Bus, or by train. You can find directions and further information and websites for transportation and planning your visit at  http://www.zaanseschansmuseum.nl

So include Zaanse Schans in you couple vacation and shop, eat, drink, experience and learn at one of Holland’s top tourist destinations where what you expect to see in Holland Netherlands comes to life for you all in one place.

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  • December 14, 2012 at 2:09 pm |

    Hi Debbie. I agree with you totally, if a person only has time for only one trip, they should make sure go to Zaanse Schans. My wife, Jean, and I spent a day at there where we got to see their large collection of windmills. Most people know that windmills were once a major part of the Dutch landscape, however today, they are a rare thing to see as you drive around The Netherlands. For us, a trip to Holland just wouldn’t have been complete without seeing windmills in action. If anyone would like to check out the variety of windmills that we saw, they are at: http://frametoframe.ca/photo-essay-windmills-holland

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